Nature Therapy – 5 outdoor activities that will help calm your mind and are completely free!

Nature is truly wonderful. There is so much beauty and peacefulness to be found in our immediate surroundings. But with our increasingly busy lifestyles these things may be easy to miss sometimes. So often we are caught up running from one job to another, trying to meet deadlines, reply to emails, get hung up about the amount of likes we receive on a post. Our life is happening so rapidly around us, sometimes we forget to take break, step back for a moment and just do nothing.

I found that spending time outside for a least a few minutes, maybe half an hour each day has helped me massively in regards to my mental health. When things get too much or I’m overwhelmed, I go out to get some fresh air and it really calms my mind! Especially now with autumn being my favourite season I enjoy it even more! So I thought, I’d share a few of my top outdoor activities that can really help you take a break and find a bit more calmness in your life!

1. Walk/Hike – There’s nothing special about this. Often I will just put on some music and walk for as long as I am able to. It helps me take my mind of things that are bothering me and when I get back home I am able to tackle things with a clear mind and new focus. Sometimes our lives get so messy we have this massive jumble of thoughts in our heads of things we should or shouldn’t do and I find that just going for a nice walk always helps me to just take a break from it all. Hell, sometimes I even have a little sing along to whatever I am listening to!

2. Listen/Meditate – sometimes I purposefully don’t put on any music at all. I just go out and actively listen to my surroundings. I listen to the waves of the river flowing by, to birdsong and to the wind rustling through the leaves. It’s a great way to shift your focus from yourproblems to something completely different. I listen to my own breathing and often I sit, close my eyes and just meditate for a moment.

3. Go barefoot – This is a great way to really experience nature. Just take your shoes of and go barefoot for a while and allow yourself to FEEL. It’s a wonderful way of grounding and really taking in your surroundings. Just walk and feel the earth beneath you with all it’s different terrains and shapes and temperatures. There’s something quite magical about doing this.

4. Collect something/Forage – I’ve made it my mission to bring little things back from my walks outside. Most often these are bird feathers that I may turn into dream catchers and other little crafty things Sometimes it’s conkers or stones that I find pretty. Mother nature has blessed us with an abundance of gifts to take away and it’s a great way to get creative too!

5. Get lost – Now, by that I don’t me walk off aimlessly until you can’t find your way back home. Much more, try and find some new places to explore and just absorb your surroundings. Get lost in the moment, so to speak. I always find that when I get to explore a new area there is so much energy and peacefulness that I experience. Discovering new little ways that nature decides to display its unique beauty. And there is so much of it, you just gotta get out to see it!

Of course there are plenty of other things that you can do outside. These are just my favourites. And if you can’t go out for whatever reason, please know that that’s absolutely okay too. We all have different ways to relax and find some calmess in the storms of our everyday lives, you do what works best for you!

What are your favourite things to do outside? Do you enjoy going out as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

Much love, Kerstin

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