Self Care Sunday – Let’s cook!

Self care can come in many forms. One of these forms, for me, is cooking and baking. I know, for others this may seem like a massive chore and I understand that it very well can be if you’re mentally, chronically or otherwise ill. For me however cooking had always been something that I was fascinated with from a very early age on. I would always hover around the kitchen watching my mum and gran cook and every so often they’d let me help too!

Fast forward a few years and I was always experimenting with different foods in the kitchen. Mind you, my mum must have hated me sometimes. Not only because of the mess but also because of the outright strange flavour combinations I must have served her! I still find great fun in playing around with flavours and pairing things that you usually might not want to eat together, it’s always a bit of a gamble if something will turn out or not.

These Rosemary and Apple Macarons were one of my all time favourite weird flavour combos!

One reason why Cookery for me is such a big act of self care is because I know I can be as creative as I like. I can just try things out without boundaries or restrictions and I can just let my creativity run wild. I was never one to follow recipes, I use them more as an inspiration and then always try to create something myself! It’s a great feeling when you get to create something and you go through all these steps and in the end you’re left with something that you made and that (hopefully) tastes great as well!

I particularly love baking breads. Kneading dough is actually a great way to let out some anger and stress. The great thing here is, that if I mess up it won’t cost me the world to start over and with baking there’s always something you can learn from it. If a loaf doesn’t turn out, I know what to improve next time. It’s a great way to also keep researching different techniques and recipes and it helps me keep my mind occupied, especially when I’m having a bad day.

One of my go to recipes that I will always make whenever I need a bit of comfort food are homemade chocolate chip cookies. Grabbing one when they’re still hot out of the oven and topping it with a bit of ice cream – heavenly! They’re easy to make, you really only need one bowl and even on a day where you might not have the most energy they can be a nice little sweet treat that’s done in minutes!

Do you enjoy cooking/baking? Let me know some of your favourite meals! If you dn’t enjoy cooking what are your favourite self care tips?

I’ll also leave my recipe for super easy, deliciously soft baked chocolate chip cookies for you to try out! Please let me know how they turn if if you do decide to make them!

All mixed together in one bowl and placed on a lined baking tray – goodness in minutes!

I wish you all the best on this Sunday evening and I hope that you can find some time to practise some self care tonight – whatever that may be!

Much love,

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